Patient Family Advisory Counsil (PFAC)
  In 2017, Washington Family Medicine began participating in a 5 year program called CPC+ (Comprehensive Primary Care Plus).  It is a multi-payer initiative designed to improve primary care through focus on Access and continuity; Care management; Comprehensiveness and coordination; Patient and caregiver engagement; Planned care and Population health; Behavioral and psychosocial needs.  We have several care managers in our office each week focusing on things like diabetes and nutrition, social work needs, or chronic condition management.  CPC+ is designed to benefit all of our patients and is not insurance dependent.  One of the requirements of the CPC+ program is to initiate a Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) and have regular meetings. In these meetings we discuss things that patients think are going well, as well as things they think we need to work on.  If you have suggestions or ideas of topics to discuss in our PFAC meetings, please contact one of our staff members.  Also, if you are interested in the next round of PFAC selection, let one of us know!